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A New Take on Discussing Sexual Assault

TRIGGER WARNING: this video and blog post openly talks about sexual assault and survivorship depicted in fiction. Please use your best judgement on whether or not you should watch or read this video/post as it may be triggering for some readers.

As an avid reader I’m always falling into stories about faraway places and going on adventures with different characters. I love it––it’s one of my self care tools I use almost on a daily basis.

However, when I fall into a story and something traumatic (usually involving assault) happens, I have to pause and ask myself: do I want to keep reading?

I have a hard time with this type of storyline because of my own history, but mainly because as a therapist author who are not mental health practitioners always get it wrong. They focus more-so on the event then the actual healing.

This is where Fading Starlight comes in.

It’s a new take on talking about sexual assault because it doesn’t focus on the event––it’s mentioned, but the storyline is more about healing as a community and how to help a loved on through such an experience in a healthy way.

As a therapist it is paramount to me to be open about such experiences and how to help. After all, sexual assault doesn’t just affect one person, it touches us all.

*Trigger Warning*

What are your thoughts?