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A Review of Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol

A Review of MATHMEN by Kaelan Rhywiol

Looking for a read that catches the imagination and inspires? Look no further.


Kaelan Rhywiol uses xyr activist spirit to inspire and capture the imaginations of xyr readers. Author, Editor, and Sensitivity Reader, Rhywiol knows what xyr diverse fan base wants: a story they can relate to, especially in an ever changing kinky world. Mothmen delivers and then some.

Mothman is an erotic and sexually charged story that explores the complexities of the BDSM community in a realistic way–– something that is rare in today’s world. With the likes of Fifty Shades of Gray (BARF) running around parading as real life, it’s refreshing to read something from an author that knows what xyr  are talking about! This sex therapist approves! If you are new to kink or BDSM and want a fictional way to explore, this would be a good place to start.

As a reader, I loved every minute of it. The dialogue was written exceptionally well while the detail immersed me in Rhywiol’s world. I like reading smart authors. They create world’s where I can believe the characters and also see myself in them, plus they keep me interested, which is hard to do. Did I mention the story is set in Georgia? One of my favorite scenes is when the 3 characters talk about being clean, when they were last tested, and birth control. The educator in me squealed with joy! You never get to see something like that and Rhywiol does it seamlessly and without reservation. This is a must read!

Interested in learning more? You can purchase Mothmen on Amazon and follow Kaelan on Twitter. For more literary work by the author visit here.


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