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A Thank You to Those Who’ve Helped Bring DATS to Life

I have never ever considered writing a solo sport. Heck, with my various learning disabilities it’d be one bumpy ride to read my original work––no one should ever have to see that, but there have been a few who’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of reading the unedited drafts and without their encouraging, sometimes blunt, responses to what I write, you wouldn’t have the beautiful finished product in your hands.

Starless Series

Sometimes it feels like we’ve said all we can on a subject, but then again in the area of gratitude, can we ever say enough? For those of you who haven’t read the acknowledgements page in Dawn, please allow me to gush about the various people who’ve helped me grow and produce the best product I could.

First, I’d like to thank my husband, Michael, for telling me he wouldn’t read my work until it was a “real book.” Seriously, he said it and I have receipts! It might have taken you a minute to get on #TeamAlienSex, but I’m glad you are and I’m thankful to have you to bounce ideas off of and to tell me how much you hate the aliens. Thank you for being my 3rd biggest fan.

To Chris, Jessica, Danielle, JT, Jalon, and Kysoo––yes all of you have to stand up. I’m so sorry you had to read the countless versions of this story and listen to me bitch about how hard publishing is. I’ll never forget telling Kysoo and Danielle, the first people I ever said, “I wrote a book” to, that I had aspirations to publish. I don’t think you realize that your nonjudgmental reaction to what I said really meant a lot to me. If you’d reacted in any other way, I don’t think we’d be here today.

Chris and Jessica, you were the first people I told I’d gotten a contract from trifecta. You’ve never stopped believing in me and supporting me through all of my crazy dreams. Your friendship means more to me than I could ever say, so I hope this very public declaration can just be a little piece of my love and admiration to you both.

JT I met you through a writer’s group on Facebook and though I thought you were a little crazy when we first met––as I am sure you thought the same of me––I’m so glad we became friends. You fight me on my distorted views of the publishing world and have never stopped pointing in me in the right direction when it comes to words or life. Thank you for putting up with my self-doubt and fear of failure.

Jalon Harris, the man, the myth, and the legend. Who knew when you walked into my class all that time ago, we’d be here today? Your wit, humor, and talent behind the camera––oh yes he’s taken all the publicity photos for me, as he is doing right now. You have taught me to go with the flow and to not take life too seriously. You’re family now and yes, when I can, I will try to pay for a semester of graduate school.

To my family, who I’ve saved for last, since this might be the one that makes me cry. A part of Melissa’s storyline is to learn that family is more than just blood. Family is a group of people who, yes sometimes you get lucky and you’re born into an already established group. But for most of us, as we get older we realize that family are the people who we’ve chosen to love and adore through good times and bad. My family has grown because of the love I share with my husband. To all of you, you’ve never stopped believing in my ability to make my dreams come true. Thank you for making me the woman I am and allowing me to follow my heart no matter where the road took me. I’ve tried my best to make you proud and to give the world a glimpse of the amazing bond we all share together. Family isn’t one thing––and it should never be one thing––and I hope you see yourselves represented in The Starless Series. All of this is because of you––I can’t be me without you.

Lastly, thank you to all my readers. Without you, NONE of this would be a thing. I’m so glad we’ve met and we get to experience The Starless Series together. You rock and I’m so glad to have you in my corner!


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