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Anxiety and the Holidays

Holiday time is my favorite time of year. Though no matter how much I love it, my friend Anxiety, shows up. Whether it’s about finding the perfect gift, seeing all the loved ones, or simply traveling, Anxiety comes and makes a home in my heart blocking out the holiday cheer I love so much. 

If you’re like me, here are a couple of things to consider to help you through it: 

What do you like to do for Self-Care?
  • Self-care—make time for yourself. When things feel out of control, control what you can by giving back to yourself. 
  • Try some deep belly breathing. Take a moment to calm your system by slowing your breath and focusing on each exhale. Out with the old stale air and in with the new. 
  • Accept and use the power of NO. We want to do all the things—go caroling, ice skating, holiday parties, you name it—but a powerful gift we give ourselves is accepting that we can’t do it all. Especially if we’re really not into it. If that’s the case, NO is a complete sentence. Your time is valuable, too.

However you decide to spend the holidays, remember to slow down and do what’s best for you. As a therapist myself, I’m a huge fan of therapy, so if it’s an option, please find a local helping professional in your area.

What are your thoughts?