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Ask a Therapist: Sex Therapy

“What is sex therapy?”

You’d be surprised how many times clients and curious people ask me if I have sex with my clients. 

No, my friends, no ethical licensed therapist will ask you to engage in sexual activity, ask to see you in sexual activity, or ask to see you nude. 

They will, however, do the following:

🌟 Help heal any past sexual or emotional trauma.

🌟 Explore who you are authentically in and out of the bedroom. 

🌟 Work through sexual issues, whether connected to health issues or personal ones. 

🌟 Explore the wonderful and wide world of kink using education and research. 

🌟 Monitor life stress and anxiety that may be impacting your sex life. 

🌟Re-evaluate relational patterns that may no longer serve you or establish new patterns of loving yourself and others.  

What did you learn about sex therapy? Anything jump out at you? Comment below and let’s talk about it! 

What are your thoughts?