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  • Someone asked:
    Samantha, I feel I’m addicted to the female touch, I’m on a daily bases searching for the perfect massage, erotic, sensual not your everyday massage, no sex.. but NOT your massage parlor type. Easily spending 100’s a month, yes.. married.. no she doesn't know, this is something I can’t get at home.. is this an addiction or just me seeking what I can’t get at home
    • Samantha Heuwagen replied:
      Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Since you are doing all this behind your partner's back, I would suggest reaching out to a helping professional in your area to explore what's going on. Is it something with you? Or something with your relationship? I'm also concerned you're not giving the massage therapist the respect that professional deserves by not telling them why you go in. It seems like there is guilt associated with the whole thing. If you would like help finding a helping professional in your area, please email: -S