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Beauty Norms

Beauty Norms

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we know there are strong social ties to who and what is considered beautiful.


As a therapist, it is my belief that we are all suffering from some type of body dysmorphia. With the media idolizing the likes of @kimkardashian or any of her sisters who are always made up to represent an idealized image, regular civilians might get lost in the storm.

Do we even know what a real human being looks like?

It’s not just women either, men too are put under the microscope to be perfect, muscular beings that can take care of business.

So what’s my point? I haven’t disclosed anything new. I’d like to start a dialogue, a discussion, of how bodies are not meant to be rail thin or curvy to the point that it is unrealistic or even muscular to the point of starvation or worse!

Let’s talk about how bodies are supposed to have curves, wrinkles, bumps, blemishes, with skin that moves with every step we take. Let’s talk about how all bodies are important and should be loved.

I’ve seen various posts on social media about revolutionizing this concept. That radical self love is a form of resistance to the popular discourse of our time. So, I too, am calling for a revolution. A revolution to love yourself for everything that makes you who you are because that is what makes you beautiful.

There is only one you and right now, the negative images are winning the battle. Let’s start a revolution at home, in our bathroom mirrors. Let’s resist harmful beauty standards and love all of who we are!


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