Blog Tour 2018

Between the Lines Editorial asks Samantha the hard hitting questions about writing and being apart of the writing community in this deeply personal interview. 

Writing Fun hosts Dawn Among The Stars and Samantha in this hilarious and spoiler filled interview!

Samantha talks with Kayla Cox about Mental Health and its impact on science fiction. 

“I can’t be an activist without being a therapist. I can’t be a writer without being an activist and a therapist. I can’t be the best therapist I can be without being an activist or a writer.” Excerpt from Emily Colin’s interview. 

“I’ve known Samantha for a while now, and she’s pretty spectacular. Add the fact that she’s going to be taking the Sci-Fi world by storm with all of the beautiful ways she weaves in humanitarian themes in her writing, and you’ve GOT to read this book. I was lucky enough to get an ARC, and it’s pretty dang impressive so far…” R.K Brainerd

“The true variety of characters and diversity in the book both in terms of characters, point of views, experiences and problems, is sure to built appeal to an equal variety of audiences. In my opinion, Samantha has written a book that is intriguing and exciting, and takes the reader on a journey. For me, it really had me thinking about my own reactions, how I would handle myself in any of these situations, and how human kind is truly special.” Mai Vabo, Bookish Moments

Dawn Among the Stars is an opportunity to showcase mental health and change the narrative around individuals who push through every day. I wanted to focus on those fighting the good fight, reaching a place of health.”

Daring Debuts features a fun conversation about Dawn and Samantha’s view on how to get through all the trials and tribulations writing has to offer.

Readers Entertainment Radio presents, Samantha Heuwagen, as we talk Dawn Among the Stars and Mental Health.

Another appearance on Get the Knaak podcast (S2e7) Listen as we discuss Dawn Among the Stars, gender politics and identity, the patriarchy, mental health and how therapy changes the conversation about mental illness.

“Dawn Among the Stars is a love story, but not in the traditional sense. It’s a love story about wellness and doing what is right to keep a strong sense of peace while battling mental health and aliens.” Excerpt from Samantha’s time writing for Ms. Kathrine Bacher’s blog as a guest contributor.

The query process when trying to publish a book is hard, but Ms. Heuwagen talks openly about her experience and what she did to get the coveted YES!

Author Interview with Carolyn M. Walker about the characters Dawn Among the Stars and the writing process behind the magic.

Book Blogger, Kayla Cox from, talks about mental health, Dawn Among the Stars, with a lively discussion about feminism and healthy relationships with Ms. Heuwagen. Ms. Cox added Dawn Among the Stars to her must read 2018 list. 

Author Leah C. Davis invited Ms. Heuwagen to talk about Dawn Among the Stars and her process as an author.

Special Guest on @GetTheKnaak podcast (S2e1) talking about feminism, Dawn Among the Stars, and science fiction. Find it on Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts!