Blog Tour 2019

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The Writer’s Nook Podcast: a discussion with Samantha, Hannah, and Leah about mental health in writing and beyond. Available wherever you listen to Podcasts.

Samantha sits down with sexologist, Lexi Sylver, to talk mental health, sex, and how we can support sexual assault survivors. They also discuss Fading Starlight and its impact on the mental heath.

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Want to know more about the writing process? Read this in depth interview exploring the creation of Fading Starlight.

Samantha sits down with JT from A Scribe’s Scribbles as they discuss the writing process, mental health, and how her therapy has impacted Fading Starlight. Available wherever you get your podcasts. You can also catch a wonderful blog post about the interview here.

Rachel from, The Life of a Female Bibliophile, asks Samantha all the hard questions surrounding mental health awareness and The Starless Series.

Author Suanne Schafer asks the real hard questions about being an author and how Ms. Heuwagen bridges mental health awareness and writing together.

“As a therapist, I work with survivors all the time and I wanted to offer my thoughts on what happens to a system (i.e. family, friends, community) after such a life altering event. Fading Starlight examines what happens when misunderstandings and mistrust explode during an already stressful time and how people can come together to support and love one another.” Read more here.

A lovely review and praise by Life of a Bibliophile.

“Samantha did it again and made me fall in love with the characters all over again. The romance was well done and I love how her experience as a therapist and mental health worker shines through, bringing up topics surrounding mental health, trauma and sexual assault…” Continue reading.