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Date Night Ideas

“What do you want to do?” my partner asked me one Saturday morning. It was the first weekend we had together after a few months of being a part and being busy when we were together. You’d think we’d have a long list of things we wanted to do together. Things we wanted to see… Read More Date Night Ideas

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Happiness: A Moving Target

Humans are constantly looking for happiness. Whether it’s off in some far away place or getting the latest handbag, it’s always something elusive or far fetched. What if we were all wrong? What if it’s not things or people or places, but a feeling that isn’t supposed to last forever? I come upon this list… Read More Happiness: A Moving Target

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Healthy Relationships: WTF Does That Mean?

Relationships are hard and knowing if you’re in a good one, can be even harder. Join Samantha as she breaks down what it means to be in a healthy relationship and how you have the power to define what “healthy” means for yourself. Looking for a therapist in Atlanta, GA? Contact:

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Self-Care for Writers

As a therapist, I always find myself preaching about self-care and how to achieve it. Whether it be to my clients who are probably sick and tired of listening me ask them about their daily self-love or my friends, the one group of people I adore who don’t normally take time for themselves are writers––the… Read More Self-Care for Writers

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Microcosm Publishing: A Glimpse of Social Justice at its Best

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know how much of a fan I am of everything Microcosm does. With social justice at their core, they create amazing work that inspires and takes down the patriarchy––one of my favorite past times. This week I was lucky enough to receive two great titles… Read More Microcosm Publishing: A Glimpse of Social Justice at its Best

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Freyja’s Daughter (Wild Women Book 1)

I’ve mentioned before, I’m just one small part of a large group of debuting authors. If you haven’t checked out all the new reads, you’re missing out. There’s something there for everyone! Throughout my time with this amazing group, I’ve befriended a few of these authors. I grew especially close to none other than my… Read More Freyja’s Daughter (Wild Women Book 1)