Starting Therapy

Starting Therapy Starting therapy can be really scary and nerve racking. It’s supposed to be a safe place to explore, heal, and grow. Not every Therapist is for every client and that’s ok. Here are a few items I believe in when working with my clients and items to can look for in your therapeutic… Read More Starting Therapy

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Sex Toy Review

Looking to create some magic? Look no further with a review of NRN Specialties massage wand reviewed by Ms. Heuwagen.… Read More Sex Toy Review

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A Christmas Carol

Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and then the rest is up to you… A Christmas Carol teaches you just that.… Read More A Christmas Carol


Embracing Our Inner Child

Why as we grow older we let go of what makes us special–our inner child? Let’s take a moment and rediscover what it means to play.… Read More Embracing Our Inner Child

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Dreams Do Come True

5 years ago when I started pursuing authorship seriously, there were certainly more than a few obstacles to overcome. … Read More Dreams Do Come True

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Me and My Gal, Riggs

Furry friends can teach us a lot–things we never expected or saw coming. Finding little Riggs and watching her grow has been no different.… Read More Me and My Gal, Riggs