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Staying Productive As A Writer

I declared 2019 the year of the therapist and by God did it pull through. I’ve been so fortunate and lucky to grow my practice last year, which I love. Seriously, best decision I made was to work for myself With that said…. My writing life took a mega hit. Yes, I finished my third… Read More Staying Productive As A Writer


Self-Care Ideas For Busy People

I’ve been working with several clients lately that are struggling to include #selfcare into their daily lives. We’re all busy, so I get it, but I’m telling you, it will be the deciding factor on whether you burn out or thrive. Yes, you heard me right. I truly believe it makes a world of difference when you’re… Read More Self-Care Ideas For Busy People

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IUD Replacement

There are many forms of Birth Control out there and a lot of misinformation. Here is a personal look at IUDs.… Read More IUD Replacement

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The Political Statement of Body hair

Female body hair has been discussed in many ways, making it a political and yet freeing statement for female bodied individuals everywhere. … Read More The Political Statement of Body hair

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A Feminist Marriage Reflection

A Feminist Marriage Reflection Time flies when you are having fun! At least for myself and my life partner we have had one crazy and adventurous first year of marriage. Last year around this time we shared our special feminist wedding ceremony with the world which we felt needed to be shared. This year to… Read More A Feminist Marriage Reflection

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Black Lives Matter in Therapy (and beyond)

Black lives matter. This week has made me think on so many levels, finally forcing me to take a bigger stand on oppression and being loud about it. Now is not the time for silence. In the past few days I’ve felt powerless, frustrated, devastated, and lost. And I know it’s only a fraction of… Read More Black Lives Matter in Therapy (and beyond)