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Q&A on The Starless Series: THE END IS NEAR?

In part one of my Q&A about The Starless Series and writing, I’m digging into gender norms, writing, and yes, even some serious topics. WARNING: I talk about assault and how it plays a role in the series. As a therapist I discuss representation and how authors can do a better job of handling mental… Read More Q&A on The Starless Series: THE END IS NEAR?

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Therapy is for EVERYONE!

Therapy is scary because the idea that we need help is terrifying. I’m here to explain that therapy is for everyone no matter the topic or concern.

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Female Condoms: A Guide

QUESTION: Why are female condoms so much less effective than male condoms? Why haven’t they been made more efficient? ANSWER: That’s a really great question! I hadn’t heard that before, and I am a champion of female condoms! I had to do a little investigation first, and here is what I found: -Female condoms are… Read More Female Condoms: A Guide

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Looking for a therapist? Read this first!

When I started my therapy program at Mercer University, one of the first things they told me was to get my own therapist to work out any issues I might have. Odd, I thought at first, but after I thought about it some, it made perfect sense: why would you want to work with a… Read More Looking for a therapist? Read this first!

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A New Take on Discussing Sexual Assault

this video and blog post openly talks about sexual assault and survivorship depicted in fiction. … Read More A New Take on Discussing Sexual Assault

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Pick Better Partners!

Pick Better Partners! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to find the love of their life, I would be a rich woman. As a marriage therapist people like to think I have all the answers to life’s romantic mysteries. Fun fact: I don’t–– wish I did, but I don’t!… Read More Pick Better Partners!