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Going Braless: A Year in Review

Going Braless: A Year in Review

Braless: A year older and a whole lot wiser.


Last year I embarked on a journey that would forever change my life. Not only did I shed an undesired undergarment, I learned a lot about myself and my self worth.

I chronicled my adventures in shedding my hated bra in Adventures in Going Braless, an 8 part series examining my trials and tribulations while trying to figure out how to live and survive through this new empowerment.

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last year sans bra:

1.) Bras are not necessary. Even in professional settings, if you know how to dress and what works for you/your line of work, then you can find fun ways around wearing one.

2.) I mentioned before that shoulder and neck pain were almost a constant in my life. But after throwing out a traditional bra and opting for something like  bralettes or undershirts, heck even the occasional sports bra, my pain vanished. The happiest and best I’ve ever felt is going completely braless. My body and mind thank me in ways that I could never explain.

3.) People will be idiots and rude AF. Some people will not understand why you wouldn’t wear a bra. It could be well meaning friends telling you your nipples are saying hello or mean sisters that make fun of you for your life choices, it doesn’t matter. Some people will just not get it and that’s on them. Every journey is different, mine just involves no bra.

4.) Body positivity! I realized that I was worth more then how I looked and what I wore (or did not wear). As I’ve written many times before, I believe we are all suffering from body dysmorphia. We do not know how a human body is supposed to look because all the images on TV and the internet tell us one thing when in reality those things are not even real! How are we supposed to love ourselves when we can not even see ourselves. It’s a sad, sad time to be alive.

My message here is that when I stepped out of a bra and into my very own unique body, I saw it for what it is outside of my physical presence. I focused more on my mind, hopes and dreams, which led me to pursue them all without second thought to things that really did not matter. Heck look at all the things we’ve done together through this website and beyond!

5.) Self-love. What’s love got to do with it? Everything. I love me for all the imperfections that make me special, even the ones society (and my sisters) make fun of me for. F*** those people.

6.) A better everything. I’m a better therapist, writer, wife, friend, daughter, the list goes on because I am living my truth. I am living the way I want and trying to spread awareness through self-love and acceptance by being the positive role model I knew I could be. And all because I told a piece of fabric to get to steppin’.

7.) Sagging? I wish I could report that I noticed a difference. I do not believe  I have gotten saggier during the last year. I think I have gotten a little–– really small, y’all–– perkier, but again I have no way of measuring it. My circumference around my bust stayed the same and I didn’t notice a drop in the old gals in the slightest. Going by feeling, I think they look and seem wonderful. That’s all I got for now. Check back again next year.

8.) Exercising like a pro. I mentioned sports bras and let me tell you: I can workout without a bra! Don’t get too excited, because there are somethings I feel I need a bra to do but for the most part I am a free boobin’ exercising pro! Yoga, hiking, lifting, walking I do all sans bra. Running, that jerk, still needs some support BUT only one bra instead of 50 million! That’s right: I run with only one bra, big boobies and all! I can thank my boob muscles for getting the work out they get from gravity everyday and in turn being stronger. Strong enough to give running the middle finger.


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