Can Self-Care Replace Therapy?

Oh, where to begin….

Truthfully, my first reaction was, “oh, brother.”

But there may be something to this idea—if used “correctly.” Hold on, we’re spilling tea today…. 

Not all of us can afford therapy (it’s a bloody shame and the systems in place that keep this going is a travesty 🤬). It makes sense to use the tools we DO have to help maintain our mental health and wellness. 


Running, #selfcare, talking with friends, whatever, can be great ways to give back to ourselves and refill our empty tanks. But in no way, shape, or form is it therapy. 

Therapy with a trusted professional is therapy—a tried and true method of helping solve issues, grow, process, and discover underlying problems no run or friend could ever fix. It’s hard work that needs a guide on the side; to help us see ourselves clearly without our stuff getting in the way. 

Self-care can help soothe and recharge. It allows us to love ourselves to keep going when life gets hard. It can’t fix it when the wound is potentially deep and festering. 

Nothing can replace the work and determination it takes to face our problems. It gets easier with self-love and compassion. It’s bearable with guidance and support. You find that in therapy. 

What are your thoughts?