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A Year in Review (2017)

Every year around this time, in honor of my birthday and the blog’s anniversary, I recap all the exciting posts–– in case you missed it! HERE WE GO! Which was your favorite? ALLLL the episodes of Spilling Tea! IUD: What No One Tells You– I’m here to clear up the fear and the mess surrounding IUDs. Going… Read More A Year in Review (2017)

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Paleo for Unicorns

Paleo For Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy I have a long standing history with Microcosm Publishing so when they suggested I take a look at their up and coming cookbook, I didn’t hesitate. Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy delivers everything a health nut and feminist could want out of their diet… and then some. So what… Read More Paleo for Unicorns

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Get the Knaak Podcast Appearance

Sometimes you get lucky when you join a new organization and meet awesome people in the process. When I joined Trifecta Publishing House I was a little nervous, as any new author would be. Would I get a chance to meet the other authors? Would we be competing to be the highest ranked read on… Read More Get the Knaak Podcast Appearance

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Spilling Tea: Ep 4 The Royal Patriarchy

Ahhh the royal patriarchy… Such an age old tradition or is it? In episode 14 of Spilling Tea w/ Samantha and Dr. B we talk about the ROYAL ENGAGEMENT – Yes Prince Harry and his lovely fiance Meghan Markle… Specifically about the potential message it is sending about forgoing your own hopes and dreams for… Read More Spilling Tea: Ep 4 The Royal Patriarchy

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Dawn Among the Stars Published by Trifecta Publishing!

Exciting news: I’m being published! After several drafts, a few hundred rejections, and countless tears, I’m thrilled to tell you that in May 2018 you’ll be able to hold a real book in your hands. Newly named, Dawn Among The Stars, my debut novel will be published through Trifecta Publishing. I hope you’ll join me over… Read More Dawn Among the Stars Published by Trifecta Publishing!

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I visit a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)

Submitted Anonymously I parked my car in front of Galaxy Trading of Woodstock – a subsidiary of Starship Enterprises, one of the leading adult retailers in Georgia. It was just after 11am and I was surprised to see several other cars in the parking lot. I thought sex stores were only for people who stayed… Read More I visit a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)