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Upon Ending The Starless Series

It’s been a while ride bringing to life, The Starless Series. As Heuwagen ends her journey, she looks back on a few things she’s learned.… Read More Upon Ending The Starless Series

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How to Create Change in Our Political Climate (USA)

Looks like things are heating up in the political world, but what can we do about it?… Read More How to Create Change in Our Political Climate (USA)

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Strength and The Presidency

No matter your politics, hear me out… So many people are saying Biden wasn’t strong enough to face Trump during the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. Can we define strength for a moment? Does one have to meet bullying with more bullying or harsh non inclusive words with more hate to be strong?… Read More Strength and The Presidency

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IUD Replacement

There are many forms of Birth Control out there and a lot of misinformation. Here is a personal look at IUDs.… Read More IUD Replacement

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A Feminist Marriage Reflection

A Feminist Marriage Reflection Time flies when you are having fun! At least for myself and my life partner we have had one crazy and adventurous first year of marriage. Last year around this time we shared our special feminist wedding ceremony with the world which we felt needed to be shared. This year to… Read More A Feminist Marriage Reflection

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Q&A on The Starless Series: I WROTE A PORN?

Watch Part I here!  I get asked a lot about sexuality in my books. So did I or did I now write a porn? In part two of my q&a about The Starless Series I talk about changing the science fiction genre, advice for pre-published Samantha, and SEX! Is it hot in here or just… Read More Q&A on The Starless Series: I WROTE A PORN?