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Let’s Talk SEX!

What does it mean to talk about sex? As a sex therapist, Samantha sits down to talk about how all therapists can help their clients.… Read More Let’s Talk SEX!

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Moonlit: Glaklin

What happens when you fall in love wiht you BFF? Can cultural differences stand in your way or bring you closer together?… Read More Moonlit: Glaklin

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What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?

Vulnerability can be tough. Especially opening up to a partner and exposing our deeply hidden ugly stuff. How can we do it?… Read More What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?

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A Christmas Carol

Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and then the rest is up to you… A Christmas Carol teaches you just that.… Read More A Christmas Carol

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Me and My Gal, Riggs

Furry friends can teach us a lot–things we never expected or saw coming. Finding little Riggs and watching her grow has been no different.… Read More Me and My Gal, Riggs

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Moonlit Out Now!

Before the war on Earth, they were strangers. Now they face the greatest battle of all: following their hearts. Uncover what it means to be loved in this sci-fi romance novel.… Read More Moonlit Out Now!