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A Year in Review (2017)

Every year around this time, in honor of my birthday and the blog’s anniversary, I recap all the exciting posts–– in case you missed it! HERE WE GO! Which was your favorite? ALLLL the episodes of Spilling Tea! IUD: What No One Tells You– I’m here to clear up the fear and the mess surrounding IUDs. Going… Read More A Year in Review (2017)


Quick Self Care Tips

Here are some quick self-care techniques you can implement in your every day life! -Reading a book. -Journaling. -Stretching. -Play with your child/pet. -Take a shower/bath. -Watch a YouTube video. -Drink a cup of coffee/tea/water alone. Whatever makes you feel good, relaxed, and happy do it for at least 5 minutes.  You deserve to be… Read More Quick Self Care Tips

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You Are Worthy of Love

You are worthy of love. No matter what and no matter who says so otherwise. Remember a healthy relationship is a partnership that values love, respect, and equality. Relationships that are not healthy are based on power and control, not equality and respect as they should. Those are abusive relationships that suck the fun out of being… Read More You Are Worthy of Love

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10 Characteristics in a Healthy Relationship

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship If you’re in love and unsure if your relationship has what it takes to go the distance, here are 10 things to look for in ANY healthy relationship. 1.) A sense of being your partners best friend, because being best friends is the best, duh! 2.) Respect. It’s a two… Read More 10 Characteristics in a Healthy Relationship

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Spilling Tea with Samantha and Dr. B: SCARY SEX

Scary sex can be… fun? Exciting? NOT scary? Find out in the latest episode of Spilling Tea with Samantha and Dr. B! Samantha and Dr. B are back in a new video highlighting Scary Sex, along with the topics of Consent, Permission, and Endorsement in sexual activities. How do you feel about scary sex? For… Read More Spilling Tea with Samantha and Dr. B: SCARY SEX

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Paleo for Unicorns

Paleo For Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy I have a long standing history with Microcosm Publishing so when they suggested I take a look at their up and coming cookbook, I didn’t hesitate. Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy delivers everything a health nut and feminist could want out of their diet… and then some. So what… Read More Paleo for Unicorns