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Dawn Among the Stars: Meet Henry Rickner

Dawn Among the Stars: Meet the Stars

Henry Rickner

Continuing our series of Dawn Among the Stars: Meet the Stars, we have Henry Rickner. Watch out ladies, he’s taken or so he thinks.

What is your character’s full name? Henry William Rickner

How old are they? 28 years old

What is their most cherished memory? Meeting Kayin and his mother’s lullabies she would make up when he was young.

What is their worst memory? The break up with Kayin, still haunts him.

What is their favorite kind of music? Bands? Henry definitely considers himself a “Hipster.” Anything not mainstream is what he likes, but currently Jason Isbell is on repeat.

Is there any art on their walls? If so, what kind? Whatever his mom bought him.

What is their favorite food? Indian

What are their dreams? Henry wants to be successful and marry Kayin. Makes sense with the break up right? Stay tunes…

What are their nightmares/worst fears? Not being successful.

Do they put themselves first? Or do others come before them? He’s a leader, but he’s selfish when it comes to his career. He’s got dreams, people!

What is their favorite place to be? In front of a TV watching football and drinking a beer.

Do they have any political views? Is that important? He does, but you’ll never know.

What do they like to wear? A well tailored suit.

What do they want? To reunite with Kayin and pick up where they left off.

What are their secrets? He’s two seconds from craping his pants from fear.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Henry! You’ll meet him and his messy self in Dawn Among the Stars, out May 21st!

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