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Dawn Among the Stars: Meet Melissa

Dawn Among the Stars: Meet the Stars

Melissa Pebbles

Welcome to the final installment of Meet the Stars of Starless, Dawn Among the Stars edition! Can you believe it? We are in the month of May and only weeks away from the release. Seems fitting we’d end with my gal, Melissa. Watch out, y’all, she looks innocent but she’ll take care of business!

What is your character’s full name? Melissa Ann Pebbles

How old are they? 26 years old

What is their most cherished memory? Going to Disney World as a child and losing Mable, her younger sister. Mable had it under control though, she was just trying to get in line for Winnie the Pooh.

What is their worst memory? The last fight she had with Joel, her ex-boyfriend, which finally reminded her she could do better. She ultimately left him, but not after a lot of tears.

What is their favorite kind of music? Bands? K Pop/J Pop

Is there any art on their walls? If so, what kind? Some K/J Pop stars mixed with a lot of photos of friends and family.

What is their favorite food? Italian and Jets Pizza–– she’s a Detroit girl after all.

What are their dreams? Melissa deepest wish is to fall in love and get married.

What are their nightmares/worst fears? Loosing everyone she loves.

Do they put themselves first? Or do others come before them? She’s a family first kind of gal, but loves her friends just like family. She’d do anything for any of them.

What is their favorite place to be? Wherever her people are!

Do they have any political views? Is that important? She get’s bored of politics, what’s for dinner?

What do they like to wear? Dresses and jeans, but always put together whatever the situation.

What do they want? To find love and live happily ever after with her loved ones.

What are their secrets? She might not know what love is and sure as hell might not understand healthy relationships.

That’s all I have for you during this round of Meet the Stars! Are you as excited as I am to finally meet the crazy cast of Dawn Among the Stars? Don’t forget that you can get your very own copy on May 21st, 2018!

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