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Dawn Among the Stars: Meet the Stars

Dawn Among the Stars: Meet the Stars

Kayin Aves

With the release of Dawn Among the Stars in just a few short weeks, I thought it would be fun to meet some of the characters and get an in depth look at what makes them tick!

What is your character’s full name? Kayin Aves

How old are they? 26 years old

What is their most cherished memory? Playing in Lake Michigan with her sister, Layla, and primos.

What is their worst memory? Originally it would be the break up with Henry, but then aliens showed up. She’s definitely terrified of the mess they bring with them.

What is their favorite kind of music? Bands? Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas (Local Detroit Band)

Is there any art on their walls? If so, what kind? There’s one family portrait in the hall, but she’s big into nature and keeping it simple. She does have a signed poster of JH and the Deltas, though!

What is their favorite food? Korean when she can’t get her Mamá’s cooking–– flautas de pollo are her favorite!

What are their dreams? To change the world and make it a friendlier place.

What are their nightmares/worst fears? Being attacked by aliens and never seeing her family again.

Do they put themselves first? Or do others come before them? Depends, honestly. In a pinch it’s about creating safety, but when she’s scared it’s all about saving herself.

What is their favorite place to be? A body of water, preferably a lake–– the ocean sucks!

Do they have any political views? Is that important? She’s a liberal and fights for human rights whenever she can, though her anxiety stops her sometimes. It’s important that Earth stay in the hands of Humans and she’ll do what it takes to keep it that way.

What do they like to wear? She’s a big fan of leggings and some type of jacket.

What do they want? Love, she’s a softy at heart but she will never admit that to anyone. OK maybe someone special but that’s about it.

What are their secrets? Shielders aren’t that bad…. Are they?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kayin a bit more! You’ll see her in all her glory when Dawn Among the Stars is released on May 21st!

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