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Dawn Among the Stars on Tour

The Dawn Among the Stars Book Tour is underway and going amazingly well! It’s been such a dream and so fun meeting new friends along the way.

The book launch was a great success, but one of my favorite parts of the tour has definitely been speaking on a panel at the San Fransisco Comic con. *Insert cry for joy!*

When I was about to present at my first comic con, I was terribly nervous. I think I was way more nervous then I let on to my partner (who came with me to San Fransisco). We were celebrating our four year anniversary the morning of the con and I might have been a little over served, which is really unlike me! Luckily, with a quick nap and long train ride to Oakland (where the con was held––why I have no clue), I was as good as new and ready to talk all things Dawn Among the Stars!

Walking in, it was insane and amazing all at once. All the cosplayers and booths to look at––it was incredible. All the attention to detail and passion that’s gone into the costumes was really inspiring. But all I could think about is how amazing it would be that one day (maybe soon) people will cosplay my characters. I’d love for that to happen one day!

My heart is so full and I’m so honored to be able to share Dawn with the world.

If you missed the con, no worries. The day before I met with Jerry Knaak and Mark London Williams to tape, Get the Knaak Podcast. We talk about the process of writing, social justice, mental health, and of course it all gets progressively worse when trains and booze are added to the mix. To say we had fun is an understatement.

Thank you to everyone who’s read Dawn Among the Stars, reviewed it, talked about it, and helped in anyway to spread the word. Let’s keep reaching for the stars together! Where in the world will Dawn go next?

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