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Dear Past Me: Things I Wish I Could’ve Known 10 Years Ago

Dear Me in 2010,

You’re never going to believe this, but we made it, mama! Made it out of Michigan, made it through school, even made it into grad school twice and graduated to find yourself in a career you’re passionate about on so many levels. Plus, honey, that weird dream you keep having? You write it down and a new series is born. I know, right? F&*k.

Me in 2010

I am sitting here 10 years on and there are some things I think you really need to know…

🌟Go to Therapy NOW. Don’t wait until things get really awful. We go eventually and it changes the game—I mean it. 

🌟 You’re going to meet a guy at a Halloween party soon. Don’t give him your number. It’s not worth it. 

🌟 Don’t let anyone talk you into bleaching your hair, ever. Also, the Dora the Explorer look is not the vibe. You’ll thank me, promise. 

🌟 You’ll meet the love of your life and it’ll be nothing like you think it’ll be. Be kind to him and love him with everything you got, he’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you. He knows unconditional love like you’ve never known. 🖤

Me in 2020 (Now!)

🌟 You can’t change your family. But therapy helps. 

🌟 Take a breath once in awhile. You don’t have to go as hard as you think. Your ambition is your friend, not the enemy.

Whatever happens in life, you got this. You were made to help people and spread joy. Never forget that 🖤 


Me in 2020

What do you wish YOU had known 10 years ago? 

What are your thoughts?