Unique Ways to Make Extra Cash

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Cash is king and honestly, it is my best friend. I remember when I babysat all the time in high school, college, and beyond and it would feel so great to have the extra cash for everyday life expenses. I was able to go shopping, save up for trips, and do things that I wanted to do, without feeling like I couldn’t pay my necessary bills. To this day, I still love the feeling of extra cash and do what I can to work for it. Expenses can arise out of nowhere and doing some extra jobs on the side really helps me feel secure and prepared for any future mishaps. If you feel the same way, keep reading to find out how you can make some extra cash!

Sell Your Skills

Think about all of the things you are good at and write them down. Then, figure out how you can use your skill set to make some extra money. For example, if you are great at speaking English, maybe you would want to teach an online English class! A lot of the programs only require you to have a bachelor’s degree, so it is pretty easy to get in as a teacher. Another example would be your hobbies. If you have a hobby that other people want to learn (such as piano, guitar, singing, woodworking, etc.), offer your services to your neighbors and city. Last but not least, think about the things that you are good at that you (maybe) don’t love. Mowing the lawn, hanging lights in a home, painting, etc. Those are skills that every single homeowner has to use and a lot of the time, they do not have time to do it themselves. Market your skills and services offered, so that you can make some extra cash.

Participate in A Clinical Trial

Earn money and feel as if you are doing good (and you honestly might be doing a lot of good!) by participating in a clinical trial. Of course, always weigh the risks before jumping to sign up, but depending on the trial, it could be a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. Clinical trials are typically for people who have specific medical conditions in hopes of seeing how they respond to new treatments, but most clinical trials need to hire healthy adults as a control group. is a great place to start when it comes to finding clinical trials in your area. If you use the search feature, you can find trials that fit your current health status.

Sell Your Valuables

Less is more, especially when you can earn cash from it!

Do you have extra jewelry, TV’s, or purses laying around? If so, consider the best pawn shop in Atlanta, Chapes-JPL. They are the nation’s premier pawn loan lender and the best place to sell and pawn high-valued assets, such as gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, cars, boats, handbags, electronics, and more. They have been serving Georgia businesses and residents now for more than 30 years out of their private and confidential offices that are in the heart of Buckhead. They say, “Our mission from day one was to provide our local residents an alternative to the low-balling, high-charging pawn dealers. We are proud to have upheld that commitment for the past 38 years and we look forward to keeping our rates low and affordable.” So, if you have valuables to sell, or if you are looking for a low-interest asset loan, check out Chapes-JPL!


Who’d you rather: watch pets or babysit children?

No, I don’t mean that you will get paid for sitting on a couch… Well, maybe, but that’s not the point. I’m talking about house sitting, dog sitting, and babysitting! Everyone does one of these at least once in their life and it’s because you can make some decent money! The going rate for babysitters now is $15-20/hour or more, which is pretty decent, if you ask me. For dog walking services, you can try joining websites such as or You can also post ads on Craigslist or contact local kennels to see if they need anyone to exercise their animals. House sitting is also a great passive way to make money because most of the time, you do not have to be there 24/7, so you can get their mail, water their plants, make sure their home is safe, while still going to your day job and most of the time, sleeping in your own bed, as well.

Create A Blog

Okay, so you cannot make money from a blog when just starting out and I never want anyone to create a blog just to make money, but there are a lot of people who make a full-time income off of their blog and what is even better about it is the fact that they are making money from what they already love doing! If you have a professional blog and you love what you do, I highly recommend you to look into monetizing that blog.

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