Fading Starlight

The follow up to Dawn Among the Stars

Earth is but a shadow of itself as three Humans begin to pick up both the pieces of war-torn Earth and their shattered lives. 

Coming June 2019

Kayin Aves finds herself on Selucia with no word on whether or not she’ll be able to return to her beloved planet. With such uncertainty, her panic attacks have morphed into a full blown depressive episode, causing her to push any La’Mursian away that might help her recover enough to fight for Earth. Soon, she’s overcome with the desire to stop her dark train of thoughts and do something––anything––to win back her home. Though it’s a challenge to learn all the ways of the La’Mursian court, she discovers her place within her new world and what she can do to put an end to this war.

When Beenishia set up a base camp for survivors, she knew it’d be a target. She just didn’t know at what cost. Because of her sort sightedness, Henry and Melissa discover that war is more than just gunfire and explosions. Psychological tactics threaten to tear the survivors a part and end the fragile bond forming between what’s left of the La’Mursians and Humans. 

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Will it be too late to save Earth, or is this just the beginning of the end?