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First Glimpse of Fading Starlight

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There’s not better feeling in the world than seeing your hard work come to life. For me, Fading Starlight started as a dream that almost didn’t come true.

Sometimes dreams come true.

Dawn Among the Stars came to life in a cloud of uncertainty, but made it to the finish line for all the world to see. That wasn’t the case for Fading.

To be honest with you, Fading Starlight almost never happened.

I could tell you all about the behind the scenes drama of making the second installment of The Starless Series, but I won’t. Just know this: I worked hard to make this book happen and bring it to life.

I am very proud of the work that my team and I put into Fading and hope you enjoy it as much as you loved Dawn.

Pre-Order your copy now!

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