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Happiness: A Moving Target

Humans are constantly looking for happiness. Whether it’s off in some far away place or getting the latest handbag, it’s always something elusive or far fetched.

What if we were all wrong? What if it’s not things or people or places, but a feeling that isn’t supposed to last forever?

I come upon this list of ideas focusing on the small things in life that come and go, that ultimately can create happiness. I don’t believe happiness is something you achieve and everything falls to place. In fact, it barely never stays in the same place and we can’t maintain it forever just like any other emotion. We can make it a goal to find happiness, but the understanding should be that it won’t fix things. It most certainly won’t last. That can be a good thing. We can then savor the flavor and honor it when it does walk into our lives.

I like that these ideals listen below are vague. It gives us room to explore and have an open mind when trying to achieve this mysterious happiness.


Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t worry about the future.

Don’t expect others to make you happy, and don’t reach for something that does not exist.

Do what you want to do, and enjoy it.

Get in the habit of doing things alone.

Make friends with yourself.

Be strong, realistic and a little hard boiled.

Take care of your health.

Learn to cope with problems.

Sharpen your senses.

Always look forward to something.

Be interested in others, but find joy of your own.

Fix up your living quarter and get rid of everything ugly.

Count your blessings.

Don’t sit with unhappiness.

Learn to roll with the punches.

Treat yourself to something.


Forgive me for not knowing where I first got this list. What do you think? What does happiness mean for you? Let me know in the comments below!

What are your thoughts?