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Hey Mama, WTF Do You Mean?

Hey Mama, WTF Do You Mean?

By: realsextime (RST) and afeministlife (AFL)


RST: I think we should do some kind of commentary on Nikki Minaj’s new song with David Guetta, “Hey mama.” We could do something about Nikki being considered a new wave of feminism and the sexual revolution she thinks she is spearheading and un-shame being a sexual being.

AFL: I agree! Though she needs to get in line if she thinks she’s spearheading the movement. Ha! Which direction speaks to you more?

RST: I’m not sure. The reason the song is catching my attention is the inherent anti-feminist base of it, related to being subservient to a male partner. However, that then gets me going on the thought that being a feminist takes many routes, and there are many examples of how she exemplifies feminist principles [outside of this particular song]. . Also, I was thinking just a brief commentary on how even though she may be “anti-feminising” in this specific instance, she is also being a bit more sex+ as she is at least talking about differing components that are often overlooked or shamed – such as cunnilingus.

AFL: I’m listening to the song now and my first reaction was how is this feminist? I understand that her overall message in all of her music is women centered. Now, I’m conflicted. There are many ways to be feminist- cornerstone of my blog– but this song isn’t sitting well with me. Who actually wrote it? Maybe it’s not feminist, but simply sex positive? She’ll do whatever this guy wants because the sexin’ is that good? (AFL doesn’t buy what she is saying either.)

RST: That sounds very unfeminist. That is the icky part to me!

Both sit on the song for a few more days…

AFL: You are telling me…. I keep listening to the song and I can’t settle on how I feel. Is it feminist? Is it sexist? Is it just a catchy tune to make money? Apart of me feels it is just a song made to get air play. The song has a great beat and is so catchy. Let’s watch the video for more clues….

Both watch the video and become even more confused.

AFL: Scratch that. Don’t watch the video- it makes me even more confused! Was that video a nod to Mad Max? The same movie that was just released that WAS feminist without a doubt!?! What? Thought if we take the video as a clue we could get a better idea of the message. It seems the whole thing is just a mess. I would have to switch my vote to it being non feminist.

RST: “What’s up with ‘Hey Mama’? And the confusion ensues…”


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