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How To Compromise On Decorations With Your Spouse

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Are you excited about the holidays this year? The festive twinkle of lights, the smell of pine garland on your mantel and all of the Christmas decor you can fill your home with? Is your spouse the same way? If you both have opposing ideas on how to decorate your home for the holidays there are a few tips to help you out so it’s still the most wonderful time of year and not the worst. 

  • Small Decor Options – If you are the one that loves the detail in the little things, then learn to talk about it. I love finding adorable theme dishes for our guests to enjoy when the holidays come around but realized my spouse was not into it at all. Of course he admitted that it a few years later but when I asked for his opinion, he just looks that it wasn’t a huge deal. While it may be important to consult your spouse on the bigger decor decisions, you might be better off not asking for their opinion on the small ones unless you are wanting really seeking their advice. The biggest thing you can do is how to communicate that you want their opinion because it matters to you that they also enjoy what you are excited about. If they truly do not care but you still value someone’s opinion, why not ask a girlfriend to help you decide as well. 
  • Attempt To DIY : Does your spouse work long hours at the office or may not have as much time as you to help with putting up decorations? Why not try to do it yourself instead of waiting for them to help if you can. Some men look at decor decisions from a very functional point of view and granted, my husband loves to help me but he also wants me to learn on my own as well. I had a few large DIY projects to take on and loved being able to try it until I got stuck and needed his help. It was a great team building project for us to do as well and he respected my decision to at least try it once before getting involved. 
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  • Updating Our Deck Area: One thing we can compromise is updating our deck for the holidays. This is something we both save our money for because we knew we wanted to make a good investment in our home and wanted a great focal point for our guests, friends, family and neighbors to enjoy since we would be hosting several parties and gatherings this holiday season. A local company called Brazilian Wood Depot is a company in the Georgia area that helps install stunning hardwood floors which is not only an amazing investment as I stated before but also can take away the headache of typical floors that are bowing or needing major repair. To ensure the longevity and color of your hardwood floor, apply an oil just once per season! They offer several choices but my favorite is the sustainable Ipe decking. Because it’s one of the hardest woods in the world and why it’s incredibly popular for its durability. Living in the South, we’re lucky to not get harsh winters so we can enjoy our deck with friends and family during the holiday season. Of course when it comes to compromising how to decorate this part of the home, I think less is more. A few cute twinkle lights, lanterns and cozy blankets make for an intimate setting for our guests to enjoy. 
  • Remind Them Of Your Passions – If you are the one that loves to decorate since you were a little girl, remind him of these passions. The same goes for him, if he loves to help build things with wood, use his hands to put things together or attempts to hang the wreath or string lights then let him to it and the same goes for you too. Most importantly, you want one another to be happy and while you should always respect one another’s point of view, keep in mind that you just want the best for one another. 

Hopefully you’ve found this post helpful as we get ready to enter such a big season. It may seem daunting, exhausting and just plain ridiculous when you take a step back and realize that decorating together should truly be fun and enjoyable. If you are tending to snip at one another for little things, take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that it’s not about the big or small stuff that matters but just being together this holiday season. Your guests will enjoy and love what you do so enjoy it as best you can and use these tips to help you compromise on all things sparkle, glitter and festive! 

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