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I’m Disabled Not Stupid

I’m Disabled Not Stupid

If I could get a $1 every time someone questioned my ability to do something I would be a rich woman. Though I’m aware it happens to everyone at one point or another, for me it’s deeply personal.

You see I have two learning disabilities that don’t always present themselves. I walk around disabled, but silent about it. I go to work, silent about it. I write, silent about it. I live being silent about it.

You really can’t go around pointing it out, not that I recommend doing so, but sometimes I wish I could.

People have a hard time understanding things they can’t see. You can’t see learning disabilities, though they are prevalent in today’s society.

So the next time you judge someone for a spelling mistake, saying a word wrong, forgetting words, stop and think about what might be hiding under the surface. We all walk around with baggage, most of the time it’s invisible.

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