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Is Marriage Easy with the “Right” Partner?

Don’t throw anything at me for saying this, but yes…. and no.

Yes, if you find a partner the suits you—same values, similar interests, complimenting attachment styles, love languages are understood and respected, communication is fire, complimentary sex drive…. the list goes on and on, then yes, my friend, you will have an easier go of things.

But this is real life and I don’t like to pretend.

Finding a partner that gets us on deep, intimate levels is a f&*cking nightmare. It means we have to know ourselves so well that we can then turn around and find a mate with qualities that will help us navigate marriage/a long term partnership.

How hard is that? F&*cking hard. (Let me know in the comments below of you want me to talk more about that 😎)

Marriage/relationships are already hard work but finding a partner that gets it from the jump CAN make it easier. Will it guarantee an easier go of things? No, absolutely not, it will still require that work.

By all means, find your soulmate. After you do, get ready to put in the time to make it a smashing success 🖤

What are your thoughts?