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Dawn Among the Stars: Life on Selucia

Dawn Among the Stars: Life on Selucia

With all the excitement surrounding the release of Dawn Among the Stars, I thought it would be fun to share with you some facts about the Shielders and their customs.

Earth and the La’Mursian (AKA Shielders) government have a complicated history. Rooted in peace and knowledge, things quickly turned sour when the entire population found out aliens were real. Luckily, it didn’t take long for everyone to accept their new reality and integrate them into our culture.

La’Mursians sure know how to throw a party, though they struggle with the idea of New years. They don’t count time the same way Humans do. Not believing in exact dates or times gets tricky, too. Either way they’ll cheer to a New Year for our sake!

Speaking of holidays…

Trying to explain Christmas and Hanukkah plus all of the holiday season madness to La’Mursians is pretty tricky— they don’t have such diversity on their planet! But they enjoy the lights and the music, who knew?

La’Mursians LOVE their canu— a special blend of herbs and spices similar to green tea on earth with a hint of something sweet. Would you be daring enough to sip canu? One lump or two? 

Breakfast time on Selucia, the La’Mursian home planet, is a big deal. They take all their meals very seriously and even, generously, added some human items to make their guests feel welcome. Because it’s extremely important to them that their guests feel right at home.

And just like breakfast, dinner is an even bigger deal on Selucia. There are countless rules about etiquette and strict guidelines on what to talk about. Do you think you could handle it?

The La’Mursian language is complex–– they don’t even use contractions! Their accents are sometimes too thick for the average Human to understand, but their patient by nature, so it works out in the end.

Would you be daring enough to visit Selucia? Find out more about the home planet of the Shielders and what unfolds in Dawn Among the Stars out May 21st!

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