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Looking for a therapist? Read this first!

When I started my therapy program at Mercer University, one of the first things they told me was to get my own therapist to work out any issues I might have.

Odd, I thought at first, but after I thought about it some, it made perfect sense: why would you want to work with a therapist that hasn’t done the work themselves?

No only that, but why would you want to see someone that doesn’t believe in their own profession?

Without anther thought, I signed up to start my own theraputic journey and I never looked back. Flash forward several years and I’m still in therapy. The goals might have changed, along with the therapist––finally I found one I adore and hope to work with for the foreseeable future!

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter: if you’re a client and are looking to create change in your life, you have every right to ask if your potential therapist if they are also in therapy.

Never see a therapist that doesn’t see a therapist.

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