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My Name Is…

My name is….

I told you my name twice, I didn’t stutter.


When I made the decision to get married I decided I wasn’t going to change my name. My last name to be exact. I wanted to keep it for many reasons but most importantly I didn’t feel I had to change it. It’s really that simple.

My partner didn’t get the awkward questions about it and it only took one conversation with my family for everyone to be on board. I thought the worse of it was over.


People still get so confused when I don’t answer to my partner’s last name or when they call my partner my last name. It’s super confusing for people, like uncomfortably confusing.


I have to explain my name to people, which for whatever reason confuses them even more. It really shouldn’t be that confusing. It’s not rocket science.

I think, in the end, it says more about them than it does about me or my partner.

We made our choice not to change our names. We didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion–– not that we didn’t it. I just want people to honor what we choose to call ourselves.

And it’s not just about married people or their last names, it’s anyone. My name is Samantha–– I didn’t stutter, that’s my name. The name I want to be called. Not Sam, God never Sam. I just hate it. But stupid people still call me that. Now there are a few souls that have lovingly named me that as a nickname for personal reasons and I allow that, but when you ask my name and I say it, I didn’t mean Sam. I said exactly what I want to be called.

So let’s all be a little better and honor people and what they choose to be called.

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