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New Year’s Goals

With the new year quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking about the future and setting goals. I have a few things coming together you’ll see in 2020 and a few things that didn’t happen as expected this year, which offered insight and growth—life’s greatest teachers.
Just as “Seasons of Love” asked, “How do you measure a year in a life?” I’m asking myself the very same question.
Goals are great to have and focus on, but are they everything? Do they bring joy? Fulfillment? Happiness? New ideas? Challenge our views of the world? You get where I’m going with this, right?

What are your goals for 2020?

Besides, who decides what’s worthy and what isn’t? If my goal to publish another book is set against someone’s goal of having a child, what’s more rewarding? Difficult to say—each is different with their own challenges. Yet they’re treated fairly differently in society.
The point of it all is not to judge or weigh goals against the goals of others, but to support and uplift each triumph along life’s (adventurous) journey. To stand firm with those you love who struggle with setbacks; holding space for their pain while they grieve the loss of a missed opportunity.
So, as you go forward this holiday season and set goals for the new year, give yourself and those around you grace to dream big and fall daringly. I believe in you and can’t wait to see what happens in 2020.


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