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Paleo for Unicorns

Paleo For Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy

I have a long standing history with Microcosm Publishing so when they suggested I take a look at their up and coming cookbook, I didn’t hesitate. Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy delivers everything a health nut and feminist could want out of their diet… and then some.

So what are they trying to do?

It started with an idea that in 2018 we have no clear understanding of what it means to eat paleo. After all, the diet began with the desire to eat simpler and go back to how we ate thousands of years ago. Yeah, because we totally have that exact history and the same plants/animals we have today. Okkkk….

“What I mean by this is that Paleo,” writes Amy Subach, “like unicorns, doesn’t really map to any one physical reality. You can, if you want, find lots of articles about how the ‘Paleo Diet’ is made up, that our ancestors actually ate things like grains and legumes etc, that it’s a fad. And you know what? I totally agree. It is made up, our ancestors ate all sorts of different shit, basically they ate what they could find that didn’t kill them.”

Paleo for Unicorns is anti- authoritarian, anti-doctrinarian, anti-inflammatory, open-minded, and accepting piece that wants to change the discussion around health and food. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the type of food you should or shouldn’t eat, it’s also about feminism, exercise, parenting, and riding a bicycle or so Ms. Subach writes.

How can you be apart of this movement? Join the kickstarter campaign and donate! 

Want to test out a recipe that will knock your socks off? Try Ms. Subach’s recipe for a healthy and delicious dessert:

Doesn’t that look amazing? Try it and report back!

Amy Subach lives, cooks, makes music and art, and bicycles with her kids and dog in Portland, Oregon. You can check out her Negative Affirmation and Erotic Selfie quilts on her website and follow her on Twitter at @amysue.

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