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Romantic Leads: How the Them Vs US Hurts Readers

I knew at some point readers would fall in love with one or, perhaps, both of my male romantic leads in The Starless Series. Heck, I thought this sweeping and overwhelming reaction to both male “aliens” (the Shielders/La’Mursians) would be so intense I secretly waited for it, wondering if I’d done my job as a writer, hoping some would love them both as much as I did.

As much as I prepared for this tidal wave, I wasn’t ready for what really happened.

You see just because there are more than one (attractive and loving) characters in your story, doesn’t mean everyone is going to fall madly in love with them or have the reaction you envisioned as you created them.

For me, the discourse between myself and readers was more of a commentary where many loved Naluba or Clairfic for different reasons. Yet many wanted to see this idea of one versus the other taken out of the conversation altogether. And I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s one reader’s thoughts:

My first experience with choosing “Teams” was with Twilight, you know, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. It was the rift between who Bella should be with––everyone had an opinion. I know later, the team thing spread (back to Twilight) to “Team Emmett” or “Team Whatever Sparkleboy You Want” but really, I’m not a fan (especially of Twilight now, for many reasons).

You can enjoy characters without needing to be divided. People act like you cannot be on multiple teams, that you cannot support multiple people. Just like in real life, you should be rooting for your whole crew, not just one.

If you asked, “are you Team Naluba or Team Henry?” I’d have a straight answer: Naluba, of course (as of Dawn Among The Stars), but don’t make me choose a side between Naluba and Clairfic, I’ll just be Team Samantha. But honestly, if someone wants to harm Clairfic, I’ll fight them. He’s a sensitive boy that needs protected. I can still like and honor each of them without picking sides and taking away from the main message of The Starless Series.

Editor, Hannah Bauman said, “You can totally have a favorite, but both Naluba and Clairfic are caring individuals who try to listen to and support their partner. How can we have teams when both are winners?”

If you’ve read, The Starless Series by Samantha Heuwagen, you’ll know about Naluba and Clairfic. How do you feel about Team Naluba and Team Clairfic?

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What are your thoughts?