Self-Care Ideas For Busy People

I’ve been working with several clients lately that are struggling to include #selfcare into their daily lives. We’re all busy, so I get it, but I’m telling you, it will be the deciding factor on whether you burn out or thrive. Yes, you heard me right. I truly believe it makes a world of difference when you’re able to give back to yourself with love and time.

Seeing my clients struggle, and to be fair, even loved ones in my life, got me thinking about how social media and capitalism has worked together to make this idea anti-feminist and, basically, useless. It’s not about buying all the things to make yourself feel better. Oh no, it’s about DOING something nice for yourself.

Let me say that again: it’s about giving back to yourself!

So, because the idea of finding something to do for self-care can be overwhelming, here are a couple of ideas to consider when creating a self-care routine:

1.) It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. It can be a cup of tea or something nourishing for your body. Always forgetting lunch during your work day? Nourish yourself—your body will thank you! Going back to basics is key.

2.) Move your body. Everyone considers exercise something that can only be done at a gym…. No! If you find walking around your neighborhood or doing something through YouTube…as long as you’re moving your body, it counts. Don’t let capitalism or anyone/thing else tell you otherwise.

3.) What makes your soul sing? Is it reading romance? Watching reality TV? Creating art? Whatever it is, make the time to add it into your week. If it’s important to you, make the time.

4.) Have fun! It really is the little things in life that bring joy. Spend time with your pet or a loved one. Give back to your community. Be open to finding the little pleasures in life, like looking up at the stars, and add that into your routine.

Have have I missed? I know I’ve forgotten a few things because, guess what? Self-care is subjective and can change. So tell me, what’s one thing you’ll do for yourself today and this week?

What are your thoughts?