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Be in the Know About Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be confusing and the process for finding a therapist can be daunting because the issue is sexual and still taboo. Who do you look for? What exactly do they do?

A sex therapist is a mental health therapist who provides systemic and contextual psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, or groups of people who are suffering from psychological, medical, or social issues of sexuality; including the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions within the scope of their practice.

What does it look like?

I deal with these issues in an open, honest, and educational way through a systemic approach (meaning I look at a variety of factors and influences unique to your life).  The best way to help create change for my clients is through education and frank discussion about sex without judgment.

Please note that a certified and ethical sex therapist will never ask to have sex with you or to watch you partake in the act. If you know of this happening please contact your governing licensing board (AAMFT).

If you have any questions please feel free to send in an anonymous question here. I love helping and answering questions, so please feel free to ask away!


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Sex Therapist

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