Stardust Emerging

The third installment of The Starless Series

Three humans entered a galactic war with no training or preparation. Now, none of them will ever be the same. After all, some scars leave wounds that will never heal.

Kayin Aves has finally made it to the Galactic Court, and she’s ready to plead Earth’s case and get the Temorshians banished forever.  Though she’s been learning the politics of the galaxy, she’s not ready to admit that she may be in way over her head. As her feelings for the Prince of Selucia grow, so do Kayin’s doubts that she’s doing the right thing. 

It’s been months since the initial attack on Earth. Henry and Beenishia are still missing, but Melissa and the other survivors have made it to Mackinac Island. Though their community has grown, they’re running out of time. A Temorshian attack is inevitable. Their only chance at survival is contacting Selucia, but that’s harder than it seems.

Will Earth be lost forever?