Starting Therapy

Starting Therapy

Starting therapy can be really scary and nerve racking. It’s supposed to be a safe place to explore, heal, and grow. Not every Therapist is for every client and that’s ok. Here are a few items I believe in when working with my clients and items to can look for in your therapeutic journey:

🌟BE AUTHENTIC- show up to session the best you can as you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We want to help you and help achieve your goals with you. We can only do that if you show up as perfectly imperfect you.

🌟GET READY TO WORK-we have a good time in therapy, but it is a place to work. It won’t be easy, it can be hard, yet it’ll be worth it in the end.

🌟SELF-CARE- because it can be difficult to talk about trauma and issues in your lives, it’s a must to keep it balanced with as much grace, care, and love we can give yourselves.

🌟BELIEVE-therapy is a journey and a beautiful one at that. Believe in change and you’re half way there 🖤

What are some values you want present in your time in therapy? Comment below and let’s discuss!

What are your thoughts?