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Staying Productive As A Writer

I declared 2019 the year of the therapist and by God did it pull through. I’ve been so fortunate and lucky to grow my practice last year, which I love. Seriously, best decision I made was to work for myself

Did you know Hannah is one of my editors? Check her out here!

With that said….

My writing life took a mega hit. Yes, I finished my third book (news on that later—fingers crossed!) but I found that I had less time to day dream and plot vs actually sitting down and writing. It was a mess and I still scratch my head and ask how I managed to writer another installment of The Starless Series.

This is where Hannah Bauman comes in with her wonderfully thought out book, PRODUCTIVITY FOR CREATIVE WRITERS. It truly encompasses the how to’s and allows for writers to find their own flow. It’s the perfect way to get started on your writing goals and find out what works for you in this crazy thing we call writing.

I know I only get one whole day to write and that’s okay––I make it work. But I’m no longer beating myself up about it—what an amazing gift, right? That’s all because I learned from the best and now you can, too!

What are your thoughts?