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Let’s Talk SEX!

What does it mean to talk about sex? As a sex therapist, Samantha sits down to talk about how all therapists can help their clients.… Read More Let’s Talk SEX!


What I believe As A Therapist

Take a closer look at Samantha Heuwagen’s views on therapy and how to help others as a therapist.… Read More What I believe As A Therapist

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I Like Sex: Am I Sex Positive?

Am I Sex Positive? Editors Note: This is an article Ms. Heuwagen wrote in 2014 between Master’s programs. It still rings true today. My sex life didn’t start out on the most positive of notes. Boys abused me, pressured me and confused me about the whole act of sex. The images I was given through… Read More I Like Sex: Am I Sex Positive?

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I visited a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)

Submitted Anonymously I parked my car in front of Galaxy Trading of Woodstock – a subsidiary of Starship Enterprises, one of the leading adult retailers in Georgia. It was just after 11am and I was surprised to see several other cars in the parking lot. I thought sex stores were only for people who stayed… Read More I visited a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)

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True Life: I have a chronic illness

Almost 6 years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. It all happened so fast. I’m still dealing with: “Why did this happen to me?” and “How do I live my life in peace?” Here’s my story and I hope it helps you learn a little more about chronic illness and one of the many that deal with it.… Read More True Life: I have a chronic illness

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A Feminist Marriage Reflection

A Feminist Marriage Reflection Time flies when you are having fun! At least for myself and my life partner we have had one crazy and adventurous first year of marriage. Last year around this time we shared our special feminist wedding ceremony with the world which we felt needed to be shared. This year to… Read More A Feminist Marriage Reflection