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The Political Statement of Body hair

Female body hair has been discussed in many ways, making it a political and yet freeing statement for female bodied individuals everywhere. … Read More The Political Statement of Body hair

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Black Lives Matter in Therapy (and beyond)

Black lives matter. This week has made me think on so many levels, finally forcing me to take a bigger stand on oppression and being loud about it. Now is not the time for silence. In the past few days I’ve felt powerless, frustrated, devastated, and lost. And I know it’s only a fraction of… Read More Black Lives Matter in Therapy (and beyond)

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So, you want to be a therapist?

A few things to consider and think about if you’re interested in becoming a therapist. … Read More So, you want to be a therapist?

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Trust in Healthy Relationships

Ah trust…. So hard to earn and moments to destroy. When couples come to see me it’s usually in crisis, which makes re-bonding somewhat difficult. They want to keep score and get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. I feel for them, I do, but meaningful things take time to grow—plus… Read More Trust in Healthy Relationships

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Moving Meditation

Mediation can be a challenge. But what if I told you there’s a solution that can make it fun and enjoyable––plus still get the benefits! … Read More Moving Meditation

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Review: UnF*CK Your Boundaries

Dr. Faith Harper does it again, this time she’s helping you improve your boundaries.… Read More Review: UnF*CK Your Boundaries