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Make This Year Your Year!

Make This Year Your Year! I always love the beginning of a new year. Like many people, I take the time to sit down and set goals for myself. Though some of my goals haven’t come true, I have gone on a journey that has gotten me closer to where I want to be in… Read More Make This Year Your Year!

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I’m Disabled Not Stupid

I’m Disabled Not Stupid If I could get a $1 every time someone questioned my ability to do something I would be a rich woman. Though I’m aware it happens to everyone at one point or another, for me it’s deeply personal. You see I have two learning disabilities that don’t always present themselves. I… Read More I’m Disabled Not Stupid

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Vagina: No Sorry That’s a Vulva

Do you know the difference between a Vulva and a Vagina? So what’s a Vagina? Did you know there was a difference?