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Let’s Talk SEX!

What does it mean to talk about sex? As a sex therapist, Samantha sits down to talk about how all therapists can help their clients.… Read More Let’s Talk SEX!

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I visited a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)

Submitted Anonymously I parked my car in front of Galaxy Trading of Woodstock – a subsidiary of Starship Enterprises, one of the leading adult retailers in Georgia. It was just after 11am and I was surprised to see several other cars in the parking lot. I thought sex stores were only for people who stayed… Read More I visited a Sex Shop (and it’s totally not weird)

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The Post-Structuralist VULVA Coloring Book Review

The Post-Structuralist VULVA Coloring Book- A Review Illustrated by Meggyn Pomerleau (more work here) and Edited by Elly Blue *Reposted to offer another self-care option during Covid-19. Stay well!* When @microcosmpub reached out to me to review a coloring book, I was a little taken back. “I don’t color,” I thought. “What on Earth will I do… Read More The Post-Structuralist VULVA Coloring Book Review

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Pick Better Partners!

Pick Better Partners! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to find the love of their life, I would be a rich woman. As a marriage therapist people like to think I have all the answers to life’s romantic mysteries. Fun fact: I don’t–– wish I did, but I don’t!… Read More Pick Better Partners!

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Author Interview: Criminal Chokehold by Randee Green

“All right, Naomi, what is so important that you needed me to come over here? Don’t you know I have things to do tonight? Places I should already be at? People who are…Hold on, why are you wearing lingerie?” I asked my younger cousin as it finally hit me that she’d answered the door wearing… Read More Author Interview: Criminal Chokehold by Randee Green

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Beginners Guide to Write: Part 3

About the Author JT Pledger is a novelist, screenwriter and copywriter. When he isn’t sitting at the keyboard, he’s swimming in the Atlantic Ocean or reading, learning new and fascinating things!  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and blog or seek his services here!