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What’s Wrong With Porn?

What’s Wrong with Porn? Yesterday I decided to try something for the first time, no I am lying to you, I’ve tried it many times before: I went to watch porn. Not just for my viewing pleasure, but because I was actually interested in watching.  Everyone watches porn. No, stop, you know you do. Porn… Read More What’s Wrong With Porn?

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5 Fun Things to do As A Couple

Guest Post This time of year gets very busy for everyone and if you are not careful, it can be easy to put your relationship (or even friendships) on the back burner. If this rings true to you, I would highly recommend focusing on improving that because over time, you will get into an easy… Read More 5 Fun Things to do As A Couple

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Can I Have a Crush and a Significant Other?

Humans were not originally monogamous. Key the controversy. Jokes aside, we were not meant to be monogamous creatures. We are literally animals. Society created the idea that monogamy is the star we should be reaching for our whole lives. It’s a great star if that’s your cup of tea too. But, does being monogamous mean… Read More Can I Have a Crush and a Significant Other?

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Date Night Ideas

“What do you want to do?” my partner asked me one Saturday morning. It was the first weekend we had together after a few months of being a part and being busy when we were together. You’d think we’d have a long list of things we wanted to do together. Things we wanted to see… Read More Date Night Ideas

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Help! What’s a Sex Therapist?

Help! What’s a Sex Therapist? Therapists come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many certifications and educational fields to navigate when looking for a mental health profession. With that in mind some therapists are best suited for certain problems. Some specialize in depression, some trauma, and others do a variety of work. It… Read More Help! What’s a Sex Therapist?

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Spilling Tea with Samantha and Dr. B: Ep 10 Sex Questions Answered

  In Episode 10 of Spilling Tea w/ Samantha and Dr. B we answer some Sex Q & A’s and discuss what we’ve been up to on our brief hiatus. Is monogamy natural? And what about sexual compatibility? Is it all that important? Give us a follow and a like! We appreciate it! Check out… Read More Spilling Tea with Samantha and Dr. B: Ep 10 Sex Questions Answered