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What’s Wrong With Porn?

What’s Wrong with Porn? Yesterday I decided to try something for the first time, no I am lying to you, I’ve tried it many times before: I went to watch porn. Not just for my viewing pleasure, but because I was actually interested in watching.  Everyone watches porn. No, stop, you know you do. Porn… Read More What’s Wrong With Porn?

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So Many Vs!

So Many Vs! By now I am sure some of you have seen or at least heard of the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash commercial. It’s the one where a heterosexual couple is in the bathroom getting ready for the day; the woman is doing her make up, gabbing about something then she notices that her… Read More So Many Vs!

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“TIME” to Get Married

“TIME” to Get Married Praise the heavens above! Someone, somewhere created an app that will tell me when to get married as if no one had ever tried to tell me what to do before. Thank goodness for this app because before this point I have been getting my whole life wrong! Finally a machine… Read More “TIME” to Get Married