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Womanhood and The Shame of Body Hair

Womanhood and the Shame of Body Hair Shaving or not; growing or not; lasering or not; waxing or not, is all a political statement. To have hair or to not says something: good, bad, or otherwise. What you do with or without your body hair are not Earth shattering statements of mind, body, or soul,… Read More Womanhood and The Shame of Body Hair

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The Political Statement of Body hair

“I’m going to do it!” I yelled down to my partner who was blissfully unaware I had taken a shower. “I am going to stop shaving because who the hell cares? I don’t–– you don’t–– not that that matters because you’d love me no matter what and bigger still,” I was talking to myself at this… Read More The Political Statement of Body hair

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What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag? Editor Samantha Heuwagen shows us what’s in her everyday bag! Because feminists can be packrats too! As a feminist writer I love busting myths about feminism and general stereotypes about women. One of my other favorite things I like to do is watch those lovely Youtube Videos about women’s purses. Who… Read More What’s In My Bag?