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Self Care Is Not Optional

Self Care is Not Optional Sometimes we need to remember that the stories from others are not our own. Combating that happens when we learn to care for ourselves. In today’s saturated world of up to date media, we have to honor who we are and respectfully put down the remote or stop surfing the… Read More Self Care Is Not Optional

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Self Care Challenge

Here’s a challenge for you to start 2019 off right. … Read More Self Care Challenge

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What I believe As A Therapist

What I Believe As A Therapist As therapists I believe it is our duty to respect and acknowledge difference. It is a paramount part to helping others because each journey taken is special and contains needs unique to each individual. We must acknowledge the fact that our experience is not that of our clients. We… Read More What I believe As A Therapist


Vulvas Are Not Ugly

Vulvas Are Not Ugly “All vaginas are ugly.” “What?” “All vaginas are ugly.” “Vaginas are just tunnels- love tunnels!” “No they are ugly.” “Are you talking about the outside?” *Shakes Head* “So you mean the vulva?” “Yeah, sure. They are still ugly.” “You realize you have one right?” *Silence*