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Let’s Talk SEX!

What does it mean to talk about sex? As a sex therapist, Samantha sits down to talk about how all therapists can help their clients.… Read More Let’s Talk SEX!


What I believe As A Therapist

Take a closer look at Samantha Heuwagen’s views on therapy and how to help others as a therapist.… Read More What I believe As A Therapist

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Moonlit Out Now!

Before the war on Earth, they were strangers. Now they face the greatest battle of all: following their hearts. Uncover what it means to be loved in this sci-fi romance novel.… Read More Moonlit Out Now!

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Self-Care vs Rest

What is the difference between self-care and rest Find out as Heuwagen talks about how you can practice both and spot the difference. … Read More Self-Care vs Rest

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Happiness: A Moving Target

Happiness: A Moving Target Humans are constantly looking for happiness. Whether it’s off in some far away place or getting the latest handbag, it’s always something elusive or far fetched. What if we were all wrong? What if it’s not things or people or places, but a feeling that isn’t supposed to last forever? I… Read More Happiness: A Moving Target

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Date Night Ideas

“What do you want to do?” my partner asked me one Saturday morning. It was the first weekend we had together after a few months of being a part and being busy when we were together. You’d think we’d have a long list of things we wanted to do together. Things we wanted to see… Read More Date Night Ideas